Young woman falls 35m after ledge gives way during mountain rescue

A young woman who fell 35m down a steep slope after getting stuck on a ledge partway up Besom Hill, Oldham, managed to escape with no major injuries.

Oldham Mountain Rescue Team were called to Besom Hill, near Grains Bar, on Friday afternoon, after a young woman got herself stuck on a ledge up the hill.

Whilst the team were setting up equipment to get her back to safety, the ledge under her feet gave way, sending her plunging 35m down the steep shale slope, landing around 20m from the bottom.

Alongside police officers, the team immediately made their way up to the girl, stabilising her position to make sure she didn’t fall any further, and to try and comfort her after the fall.

She was treated on site by medical personnel from the team, a police medic, paramedics, and a doctor from the North West Air Ambulance.

The crew secured her into a vacuum mattress and stretcher, before using a rope system assisted by lots of people surrounding the stretcher to ensure she made it down to the bottom of the slope as smoothly as possible.

The team were able to safely recover the woman
(Image: Oldham Mountain Rescue Team)

A spokesman from OMRT said: “On Friday afternoon, the team responded to an alert from Greater Manchester Police regarding reports of a young female stuck on a ledge at Besom Hill, near Grains Bar in Oldham.

“As the scene was being assessed and equipment readied to effect a rescue, the ledge under the girl’s feet gave way, causing her to fall around 35m down the steeply sloped shale.

“GMP officers and OMRT personnel immediately ascended to her location to stabilise and reassure her.

“Medical aid was administered by our Cas Carer, assisted by a team doctor, GMP medic, North West Ambulance Service paramedics and North West Air Ambulance doctor, prior to her being packaged in our vacuum mattress and stretcher.

“We have since heard the amazing news that she was assessed in hospital as having suffered no major injuries. We send our very best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

The team had 26 members on the scene for just over two hours to help with the recovery.

Manchester Evening News – Oldham