Project launch: Moss Bothering

We are pleased to announce that artist Antony Hall is beginning a three-month project to explore the secret life of historical moss specimens in our natural history collection.

close up of feathery moss fronds
A feathery moss growing out of a wall

Mosses are bryophytes, which are a group of plants without roots. Antony will investigate our bryophyte collection and revisit the sites around Oldham where these specimens were originally collected, talking to experts and enthusiasts along the way.

Antony will be recording his project on his own blog and via posts here on the Gallery Oldham blog.

Part of Antony’s project will be taking beautiful photographs of these often over-looked plants. Antony will be recording his findings on his own blog and Instagram account. We will be sharing some of these each week on Gallery Oldham’s Instagram.

Gallery Oldham