Mud painting

Big activities with a small footprint.

Mud painting is a fun way to explore nature and get a little bit messy!  
Watch our wonderful video and follow our instructions to help you make a beautiful artwork using nothing but nature. We recommend you wear old clothes when doing this activity and you may need an adult to help.  

You will need: 

  • Mud  
  • A long piece of paper, cardboard, fabric or any surface to paint on to 
  • Sticks & leaves or flowers as your paintbrushes  
  • An old tub to collect some soil  
  • A smell amount of water to create your mud  
  • Old Clothes  
  • Something to wipe and clean your hands with once you have finished  


  1. Find some mud! This is an activity to do outdoors, either go into your garden or visit your local park.  
  1. Take a long piece of cardboard, paper or fabric as your canvas to paint on to. If you do not have any of these things why not use a tree to paint on instead?  Make sure your paper doesn’t blow away by placing rocks or pebbles on top in each corner.  
  1. Time to explore, what natural items can you find around you as paintbrushes?  
    We think that twigs, leaves, flowers and grass are always wonderful to draw with.  
  1. Using an old container collect some mud! If it has been raining you may be able to use mud straight from the ground. If the soil is dry, take a small amount in your container and then add water and mix thoroughly to make your paint.  
  1. Using the leaves, twigs, grass and flowers your found start to paint!  
    What different types of marks do your natural paint brushes make? Are there some better than others?  
  1. If it’s a sunny day why not try making shapes with your shadows and painting around them.  
    Save your artwork and work in to it another day – or start again by recycling your paper or cardboard.  

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