Mosque launches desperate £100,000 fundraiser for urgent repairs after storm rips minaret from roof

A mosque devastated by strong winds as Storm Eunice battered the region could be forced to fork out £100,000 in repairs.

Greengate Jamia Masjid is desperately trying to raise enough cash to repair the damage caused across the weekend, after one of the minarets was ripped from the roof.

The second minaret, a thin tower built on or near mosques that are often used in calls for prayer, has also been damaged, and is now unstable and in need of repair.

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Posting about the damage on social media, members of the mosque revealed construction workers had been due to remove the original minaret safely after it became damaged on Saturday, February 19.

Made of fibreglass, the tower was hanging off ‘at about 45 degrees’ when police erected a cordon around the site to make it safe.

However, before workers could arrive, the tower had crashed through the roof into the prayer hall on Saturday evening, causing rain water to pour into the building and damaging the dome of the building.

Attempts were made to repair the roof on Sunday, February 20, but poor weather conditions made it impossible for them to safely fix the damage, adding to the water damage.

A post on the mosque’s Facebook page on Monday read: “As many of you will have seen, there has been significant storm damage at the Masjid.

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“One of the Minarets has fallen through the roof of the prayer hall, the second minaret is unstable and the dome has also been damaged, the costs for replacements and repairs are likely to be over £100k.

“We are meeting with experts over the next few days to try and plan the repairs and estimate costs.

“Many people have already pledged to contribute towards the cost of repairs, and we are putting out an urgent appeal for donations.

“Every donation will make a considerable difference.”

The mosque had to be cordoned off over the weekend after the damage
(Image: ASP)

A Givebrite donation page set up for the repairs has now raised £480, with donations also being accepted by bank transfer and in person.

If the mosque raises more money than needed for the cost of repairs, all additional funds will be used towards the Masjid.

Navaid Afzal, secretary of the mosque, previously told the M.E.N that he was relieved nobody was hurt when the tower tumbled.

“I was stood there chatting, and all of a sudden I heard this thunder, and a big crash,” he said.

“I thought flipping heck, it’ was like a plane had come down or something.

“To be honest I can’t thank the authorities enough for what they did, they instantly put a cordon in.

“It could have easily killed someone.”

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