Lockdown Art Club

Over the past twelve weeks Oldham Youth Service have been busy working with young people digitally across Oldham to create and deliver an amazing Lockdown art club called I <3 Art. Our Access and Interpretation Officer was lucky enough to be asked to be a guest speaker and she was blown away by the level of skill and dedication from the attendees and we just had to show off the young talent in Oldham!

” The pandemic has been extremely difficult for everyone, but has had an especially negative impact on young people across the world. It makes me so happy that there is still plenty of creativity happening in the borough despite these hard times. Meeting with the group inspired me to get making again!”

EvaD Ould-Okojie, Access and Interpretation Officer, Gallery Oldham

Two piece bin bag outfit, a top and matching skirt with green bead detail

“I joined because I have a passion for Arts and Crafts. My favourite week that we have done is probably the Bin Bag fashion show. We got to design anything and everything. Another fun thing was the mini memory scrap book because it was a way to show off your skills.”

I found the Chinese lanterns difficult because they were an unusual shape.

           Rey, I <3 Art participant

Whilst we can’t exhibition the work in person, we wanted to showcase some of the fantastic outcomes.  We asked the young people to share their favourite images and what they had enjoyed about the project. The group have also shared their very own print at home Mindfulness Colouring Book which you can download and fill in. 

My favourite session was the Bin Bag fashion show where young people had 3 bin bags, a meter of foil and some cello tape.  They could get extra items by telling me an interesting fact, joke or riddle, they would then have 30 seconds to then run and find what they want. – all the young people involved made some incredible items from dresses, hats, twin sets and accessories!  I was really impressed with all the young people’s efforts and them modelling the outfits made the session.  One young person even created a functional space raiders game on their bin bag dress!  The session was just a feel good session and was nice to see the young people constantly laughing and sharing stories with each other.

Kirsty, Project Manager and Youth Worker

A collection of Origami shirts created by a participant


The art sessions have inspired me to keep doing art and I feel this has helped me understand what type of art I like to do and why I like to do that type of art. Looking back over the artwork I have done in the art sessions I feel that I have done some amazing pieces of artwork. Having a guest come in called EvaD Ould- Okojie has helped me fall back in love with West African art which is my passion in art and this makes me very very happy. The thing I have loved the most was doing the International Women’s Day project and I have loved every art session we have done and I have loved looking at what other people have done because they have done some amazing artwork and this has given me so much fuel to find new  ways to do art. I would like to say a big thank you for letting me be part of the art sessions.

Andrew, I <3 Art participant

I am Nathan and I am part of the best youth voice family,I decided to join the art project on Saturdays because it takes your mind of the outside world and I joined to meet new people. I enjoyed all of the sessions and seeing people’s artistic talents on one of the sessions I found the measuring difficult for scrapbooking

Nathan, I <3 Art participant

We hope you have enjoyed looking at all of the fantastic artworks as much as we have. 

EvaD Ould-Okojie
Access and Interpretation Officer

Gallery Oldham