Latest Greater Manchester infection rates: Cases rise in all but two areas

The number of coronavirus cases has risen again in all but two areas of Greater Manchester the latest infection rate data shows.

Eight of Greater Manchester’s boroughs saw a week-on-week rise in their rate with just Bolton and Stockport seeing a fall.

The area to see the biggest rise was Bury with Tameside closely behind.

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Salford continues to have the highest infection rate in the region however Manchester is just marginally behind.

There were 876 positive Covid-19 tests in Salford the week ending June 15, which is 70 more than the previous seven days.

Now 338.4 cases per 100,000 of population, the infection rate in Salford is up slightly compared with the previous day and the week-on-week trend is up by nine percent.

The rate in the city of Manchester is now just marginally behind at 337.9.

There were 1868 positive tests over the last week in Manchester,285 more than in the previous week.

The week-on-week trend in Manchester is up by 18pc.

In Bury, the latest infection rate is 322 and the number of cases has gone up by 33pc

A total of 615 people tested positive for Covid in Bury over the seven days ending on June 15, which is 154 more than the week before.

Wigan and Tameside also saw a similar rise in their rate.

Wigan recorded 918 coronavirus cases, 217 more than in the previous seven days.

The latest infection rate in Wigan is 279.3, up 31pc week-on-week.

There were 434 cases recorded in Tameside, which is 104 more than the previous week – a rise of 32pc.

The latest rate there is now 191.6.

There were 18p rises in cases in Rochdale and Trafford.

Rochdale saw a total of 507 cases in the week ending June 15, which is 79 more than the previous week. Its rate is now 228.

Whilst in Trafford recorded 530 positive Covid-19 tests over the seven-day period, 81 more than the previous week with its rate now 222.3

Oldham still has the lowest rate in the region but saw its cases increase by 25pc.

There were 449 positive tests recorded in Oldham in the week ending June 15, 89 more than the previous seven days leaving is rate at 189..4.

Bolton and Stockport were the only two areas to see a fall in cases.

There were 774 positive tests in Bolton in the last week, 123 fewer than the previous seven days. That is down by 14pc compared to the previous week.

The latest infection rate in Bolton is 269.2 cases per 100,000 people.

In Stockport, the number of cases is down by 12pc compared to the previous week – leaving the infection rate at 203.5.

There were 597 positive tests in Stockport in the last week, 81 fewer than the previous.

In Greater Manchester as a whole, the infection rate is now 266.9, way above the national average of 85.4.

A total of 7,568 people tested positive for coronavirus across Greater Manchester in the week which ended on June 15.

The Greater Manchester weekly total has increased by 875 cases compared to the previous week, which means the infection rate was up 13pc in the last week..

Manchester Evening News – Oldham