Jam Jar Tealight holders

These simple tealight holders use only a few materials to help Light Up your Lockdown! This activity is suitable for ages 3+ with adult supervision.

Three jam jar tea lights on display arranged on a table with books.

You will need:

  • Clean jam jars
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • A plastic bag or covering for your work surface
  • Battery operated tea light
  • Optional – Scissors & Non battery operated tea light

(If you are using a pair of scissors and a non-battery operated tea light please have adult supervision)

How to create your Jam Jar Tealight

1) Set up your area ready for making, wear old clothes in case you get messy

2) Clean your jam jars or all sticky labels, leave to dry

3) Cut or tear your tissue paper for your design

4) Using your finger, a brush or glue spreader put a light coating of glue onto the outside of your jam jars

5) Gently attach your tissue paper onto the glass using your fingers.

6) Wait until all of the glue on your jam jar is dry, this may take a few hours

7) Turn your battery operated tea light on and pop it inside of your jam jar to watch it glow.

If you are using a tealight which requires a flame, please be careful to never leave it unattended or near small children or pets.

Completed Jam Jar tea-lights lit up on table with books.

Go back to our Light Up Lockdown webpage and take part in some more Light Up Lockdown activities. If you’d like to share your tea-light, why not submit it to our Oldham Lockdown Museum.

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