Grandad lost a leg after his nephew deliberately crashed into him in the street following family dispute

A grandad lost his right leg after his nephew deliberately crashed into him in the street following a family dispute.

Jamil Ahmed, 37, mowed down his 50-year-old uncle in Oldham in a revenge fuelled attack, leaving him requiring an amputation and being wheelchair bound.

Graphic footage taken in the aftermath of the horrific broad daylight attack showed his uncle, a taxi driver, writhing in agony on the pavement.

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After hitting him, Ahmed, also a taxi driver, got out and started punching him to the face.

The animosity between the two followed a ‘long standing’ dispute over a plot of land in Pakistan.

A few months before the attack the victim had travelled to the country, and ‘tensions were building’ within the family, prosecutor Michael Lavery told Manchester Crown Court.

The victim wanted to build on the land, but the intended building work was frustrated after a ‘stay’ was put on the plot.

Threats followed, with Ahmed calling his uncle and warning him that if he returned to England, he’d ‘have him shot’ or ‘have his legs broken’, Mr Lavery said.

The victim thought they were empty threats, but just over a week after returning to the UK, Ahmed was true to his word.

He had parked his taxi on Whitehouse Street in Lees, at about 8pm on Friday, May 14 last year. He had his bonnet up, and was putting water into the car.

Shortly after he heard a ‘very loud’ car coming from behind towards him.

Ahmed drove onto the curb and hit his uncle, crushing him between his car and Ahmed’s Skoda Octavia.

He had tried to run away but his leg was pinned between the two vehicles. A witness claimed Ahmed had been driving at about 40mph prior to impact, in a 30mph zone.

Ahmed, armed with a yellow steering lock, got out of his car and continued the attack, shouting ‘I’m going to kill you’ as he emerged.

A brave member of the public disarmed Ahmed of the lock, who then started punching his uncle as he shouted and swore at him.

Members of the public intervened and Ahmed drove off.

The injuries to his right leg were so serious that he had to have it amputated later the same day.

Police later found the Skoda abandoned about half a mile away.

Then in the early hours of the following day, Ahmed turned up outside Oldham police station claiming that he needed protection as he’d been threatened.

He was arrested and questioned by police, admitting he had been the driver of the Skoda.

Now Ahmed has been jailed for 15 years after admitting inflicting grievous bodily harm.

A judge said he was ‘fortunate’ that the Crown Prosecution Service accepted his plea to an offence less serious than attempted murder.

The victim, a dad and grandad, described how losing his leg has had a devastating impact on his life.

“I was once a taxi driver who had a good and steady income, my family were supported and it was a profession I was proud of, and actually loved driving,” he said.

“Within the space of minutes that has been wiped away from me.”

He is in constant pain, has lost his independence as he needs help from his family to complete everyday tasks.

Now he has to live in a downstairs room in his home, and has been advised to remain in a wheelchair as using crutches could cause him to injure his other leg.

“I was such a bubbly well liked man, and now I feel like I have nothing to give, relying on people to care for me,” he added.

“I was the man of the house, the main source of income. Now I can’t afford to support my children through university.”

Speaking of Ahmed, he said: “I hope I never have to see him again.

“Even when he completely smashed my leg and foot to pieces he was still not satisfied enough.

“He has no remorse whatsoever.

“Every time I close my eyes all I see are flashbacks of the attack.”

Defending, Stephen Grattage said Ahmed, a married father-of-three, wants to apologise to his uncle.

“He told me nobody deserves to be injured like that, and he is very sorry,” the barrister said, describing the attack as being entirely out of character.

“The people who know Mr Ahmed say how kind and a responsible man he has always been.

“He was an upstanding man of society, a taxi driver before this incident.”

Ahmed, of Thurland Road, Oldham had claimed that he had come across his uncle in a ‘chance encounter’.

But sentencing, Judge Hilary Manley said it had been a planned, revenge attack.

She told Ahmed: “You have ruined his life, and blighted the life of his immediate family.

“No sentence I pass can compensate for what you did to him.”

After the hearing, DC James Rothwell, of GMP’s Oldham district, said: “The impact this incident had on the victim will last him a life time but I hope today’s result provides him with a sense of closure.

“This case just goes to show that Greater Manchester Police is committed to investigating and solving crime – ensuring that those responsible for crimes are brought to face justice.”

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