Celebrating the Oldham Open 2022

Another successful Oldham Open has come and gone! In 2022 we had 243 submissions by 152 artists using a wide variety of materials. We saw fabric, clay, oil paints, concrete, digital printing, and even aluminium used to create remarkable works of art. The preview event alone had an audience of over 300

One measure of the show’s success is the number of votes for the People’s Prize. Many thanks to the hundreds of you who voted for your favourite artwork. Voting this year for the prize was close, and we are delighted to announce that the 2022’s People’s Prize winner is Terry Rushworth with the Profligate Peacock.

We received a lovely range of positive feedback from visitors. Among these responses, one was impressed with the ‘sophisticated artworks’, another said that ‘it was a fantastic display of Oldham talent’ and another said the Open ‘shows Gallery Oldham and Oldham residents at their finest’. We also loved getting feedback from all the artists who took part. ‘Brilliant preview evening! Thank you so much, it’s great to be a part of such a wonderful exhibition’

We also saw a good number of pieces sell this year, demonstrating the strong support for and connection to Oldham artists amongst visitors. Gallery Oldham earns commission on every item sold and we always make good use of these proceeds to purchase new works. This provides support to local artists and also adds to our collections.

This year we were able to purchase five pieces by local artists. These include some who create work for pleasure—Angela Whitworth and Alison Marne Barber—while others—Janis Bowie, Kevin Haynes, and Peter Stanaway—are established artists within the community. We look forward to sharing their pieces with you at Gallery Oldham in the years to come.

Gallery Oldham