BREAKING: Hundreds hit by power cuts across Greater Manchester

Homes and businesses across parts of Greater Manchester have been hit by two power cuts this afternoon. As many as 840 properties have been affected by a power cut in Worsley which has caused issues in the M29 postcode area, including Tyldesley and Astley.

The power cut was first reported to Electricity North West at 12.12pm today (May 18). Engineers are currently at the site, and power has already been restored to 740 properties as of 1.40pm, with work ongoing to fully restore power to the remaining 100.

Electricity North West says that the power should be restored to the remaining homes by 3.12pm. A spokesperson for Electricity North West said: “This power cut has been caused by an unexpected incident on the high voltage cable that provides electricity to your home or business.

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“We didn’t know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible.” Meanwhile, a further 154 properties have been affected by another power cut in Oldham.

Electricity North West says the issue, which was caused by ‘an unexpected incident with the underground cable that provides electricity’, is affecting homes and businesses in the OL4 postcode area. The power cut was first reported at 6.24am this morning.

Workers have been on site in an effort to fully restore power, and Electricity North West hopes this will be complete by 2pm today. Further live updates are available on Electricity North West’s website.

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