Audi driver leaves cars and garden wall wrecked after ‘losing it’ in residential street

Witnesses described the moment a speeding Audi crashed into two parked cars, causing one to smash through the front wall of house in Middleton. Residents were woken up to a loud bang when the car ploughed into the front garden wall of a home on Oldham Road in the early hours of Monday morning.

According to residents who captured the moment on their CCTV camera, the driver of the Audi was seen getting out the car and ‘walking off’ after causing the wreck. The crash happened at around 3am and has left two cars written off.

Speaking to the MEN,o ne shocked resident said: “My partner’s car is being taken away now, it’s completely written off. He [the Audi driver] was coming down here at an absolute rate, he’s lost it coming round the corner, ended up this side of the road, hit my partner’s car and ended up over there.

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“The driver got up and walked away, it’s horrendous, they just fly up and down.”

The resident whose car was hit and launched into their neighbour’s wall said they only found out about the crash later on that morning. They told the MEN : “I can’t believe we didn’t hear anything, I came down around 6am and I noticed my car wasn’t there. I went to find it and that’s when I saw it was in my neighbour’s front garden.

Resident's cars have been written off
Resident’s cars have been written off
(Image: Vincent Cole – Manchester Evening News)

“It’s a write off, a complete write off. We’re on the phone to insurance now and they’re saying we’re going to have to pay the excess because there were no tags on the Audi, and it belonged to no-one. It’s likely that they’ll never find the person.”

The aftermath of a crash on Oldham Road
(Image: Vincent Cole – Manchester Evening News)

Another resident called for action to be done on Oldham Road, which is known to have issues with speeding, speaking to the MEN they said: “It’s constant, they come up and down here at 60-70mph all the time. It’s a matter of time before somebody gets killed.”

GMP have been approached for comment.

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Manchester Evening News – Oldham